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Prophylaxis in Munich

To prevent caries and periodontitis, use our personalized prophylaxis plan. We are happy to advise you at our dental practice in Munich Lehel.

Regular dental prophylaxis at the Dental Practice Lehel is one of the key factors to keep your teeth healthy in the long term. This goes beyond brushing your teeth, of course; you should also not forget about your interdental spaces. The prevention of oral diseases such as oral cavity ( cancer prevention in Munich ), periodontitis, and the early detection of individual caries risks in Munich is part of our prophylaxis and prevention concept. As dentists in Lehel , we can only say: You only have these teeth. They wont grow back. Therefore, good oral care and regular checkups are extremely crucial. We are happy to help you with both.

Your individual and tailor-made prophylaxis plan in Munich

With our individually crafted and thorough prophylactic treatment plans in Munich, you can effectively prevent dental diseases such as caries and periodontitis in Munich . We develop individual prophylaxis plans that are tailored to the needs of our patients and help them maintain a long-lasting beautiful and healthy teeth. Are treatment plans suit adults, teenagers as well as children. So you can be sure that you are always receiving the best care and protection for your teeth. With appropriate, regular prophylactic treatment in Munich, we also treat halitosis.

Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Munich

The bacterial infectious disease caries is one of the main threats to healthy teeth. The bacteria attack the teeth, forming holes that might result in the the destruction of the teeth when not treated immediately. We can assess your caries risk by means of a saliva test and include appropriate measures to your prophylaxis treatment in Munich.

You would like an appointment for a professional prophylaxis in Lehel?

Simply contact our dedicated practice team in Munich and make an appointment for individual prophylaxis. Our team will be happy to answer your questions at any time +49 (o) 89 - 255 46 888 or make an appointment directly online. Your dentists in Munich are looking forward to seeing you!
Good to know!

Prevention is everything

How important are your teeth to you? Let's face it: Have you ever wondered? And then with "Well, very important" answered? Okay, next question: Are you doing enough to keep your teeth as long and as good as possible? Hm ... not that easy to answer?
As dentists we can only recommend you: you have these a teeth. There will be no more regrowth. That's why good care is so important. And regular provision. We are happy to help you with both.

Brushing your teeth three times is one thing - how is the other.

How important are good ten minutes taken out of your whole day? Not much, right? You could invest this period of your daily life in your teeth instead -- you should thoroughly brush them three times a day for three minutes each. If you are interested in what kind of toothbrush and paste to use and how to properly brush your teeth, then you should speak to us, we will be pleased to answer all your questions. For example, there is toothpaste only suitable for sensitive teeth, as well as those that protect the gums. Speaking of gums ... brushing is not enough here.

Dental floss Munich: a must for every day

Periodontitis, inflammation of the gums, you do not want to have these and you do not even have to. They can be prevented beforehand. Clean your interdental spaces at least once a day with a high-quality dental floss. But not by "sawing", but by gently placing them around each tooth and then gently moving them up and down. And not just after the steak you had for dinner but every evening. With the help of a dental floss,you remove deposits which you oftentimes oversee with the naked eye. But they can do a lot of harm, as they say.

Prophylaxis in practice: quality cleaning for your teeth

Regular dental prophylaxis in practice is the alpha and omega if you want to keep your teeth healthy in the long term. We therefore recommend a visit to our dental practice in Munich Lehl twice a year. The bi-annual inspection is the quality management for your teeth. Because with this we go to the weakest possible points of weakness and give you important information for further prophylaxis - if possible, before caries arises. By the way: In particular, pregnant women or women who want to get pregnant, should pay attention to the regular provision.

Professional tooth cleaning in Munich

A professional teeth cleaning is also recommended every six months. It does not only remove the deposits on the teeth but also those in the periodontal pockets which could trigger periodontal diseases. With state-of-the-art technology and gentle care we take over your dental hygiene. For more information visit our service page on professional teeth cleaning and our Perio Prevention Center.
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